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Answer These 6 Questions After a Natural Disaster

Posted by Justin Whedbee on Jun 22, 2016 12:30:00 PM
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iStock_000002076711_Large.jpgWhen a natural disaster strikes, it never seems to matter how much you’ve prepared. The wreckage and danger seems never-ending, so before you start trying to repair what’s been broken, make sure you’ve considered these questions.

Are You Sure It’s Over?

Following an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, etc. make sure not to assume it is over until authorities inform the public. What can be mistaken as the end of the storm or earthquake could merely be a lull. Best to wait for official notice it’s safe, rather than risk getting seriously injured by venturing outdoors.

Can You Return Home?

After a natural disaster, it’s normal to want to return home. However, there could still be conditions that make it unsafe to return. For instance, there could be damage to power lines, gas leaks, and so much more. The best option is to remain evacuated until you can be certain it is safe back home. Your homeowner’s policy could cover some costs of your stay while you wait it out, so be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Who will Clean Up?

There can be extensive amounts of damage and debris after a natural disaster, but that may not be your or your neighbors’ job to clean up. Check with your local sanitation department to see who is responsible. Besides, sometimes there are legal and safety reasons that local government doesn’t want you to deal with fallen trees or other debris.

How Much of the Damage Will My Insurance Cover?

This answer should be provided to you when purchasing your insurance policy. After a natural disaster occurs, your insurance provider is there to help guide you through this process.

Who Can Help You?

If you can listen to a radio or watch a television, broadcasting stations usually team up with the local police to provide helpful information on where you can find assistance, food, or temporary shelter.

How Can You Help?

At this point, you have made it through the natural disaster apparently unscathed, but others may not have. This is the time to find family, friends, and neighbors to see if they need help. You can do this by sharing resources, or searching out treatment for injuries.

Don’t wait for a disaster to make sure you are covered; contact us here and find out how to protect yourself and your home from a natural disaster.

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